Wednesday, August 29, 2012

break-ins continue

I received the following note from a resident:

"We were made aware of a suspicious behaviour on Ruskin at mid-day around in early August with a 20 year Caucasian man being caught peering in the window of a backdoor. There were two other suspicious older men observed that day possibly checking out the neighbourhood.

There was garage theft on Fairmont on July 26.

We spoke to Constable Milton, our neighbour policeman and he said that there was a break and entry on Gwynne  (reported in more detail on ) and Bayswater Place on July 3.

On July 9 there was a theft from a car on Ruskin (hospital property).

It is really important any theft (even cars left unlocked) be reported to the police and community.  Sharing this information enables all of us to protect our homes and our neighborhood.

There is a lot of good information on how to make homes and neighborhoods more secure below and at the blog noted above.  Sadly enough security is not about making your home perfectly secure, just harder to get into than others.

According to the police, you can minimize chances of your home being broken into:
  • Strengthen your rear door.  Wooden frames are not very strong, especially as most are made of soft woods. 
  • Set your alarm, if you have one.
  • Leave a light on or get a motion detector light installed; not very applicable to this instance though.
  • Tell your neighbors if you have work being done or might otherwise have a stranger going into your house when you are not at home; this will help them to know if they do see someone they don't recognize in or around your home."


  1. We were away between August 13 and August 30. Our neighbor reported some police action on the street in the middle of the night. There were flashing lights and they were searching the backyards(ours included) he didn't speak to them so didn't know if there was a prowler seen, break in or disgruntled visitor to TOH ER
    going AWOL(it 28 years we have escorted a few back:)
    We live on Gwynne between Laurentian and Ruskin just wondering if anyone is aware if anything happened in that time frame.

  2. I will add to your list of precautions PLEASE don't leave ladders lying about or worse leaning against a wall. Have anyone working at your home to lock up their ladder or take it with them in the evening.
    Several years ago three homes were broken into (upper windows all open) with one ladder left in a backyard. Also please leave your front light on As a dog walker I am really surprised at how many people turn the outside lights off at 10pm! As someone who needed an ambulance in November I was glad we always leave our lights on as it was easy to find the house number. The paramedics told my husband that valuable time can be lost looking for the right house. It is also nice for neighbors and late teenagers who are on foot to see a street with house
    Ights on.

  3. Hi Amanda and Katherine

    I'm not sure how to contact you except through the comment function on this blog.

    I wonder if we can start, perhaps through the parks committee, to exert more pressure on Katherine Hobbs to refurbish Reid Park. I see a lot of excuses being made for the lack of action on the park, but not much progress.

    This is a unique opportunity. It's rare that the money is in place for such a project, usually that's the big hurdle. The CHNA has done great work in getting this idea on the radar screen and in outlining the requirement s to the city, and having Councillor Hobbs tour the site. So everything is in place.

    But the problem seems to be with city bureaucracy and priority setting.

    Despite 4 site visits and the fact surveys have been done and requirements submitted, there has been no progress in the last year. Other projects (like the Fisher Park upgrade) have leapfrogged ahead.

    I sense it is because there is a lack of community focus and pressure being exerted on Councillor Hobbs.

    There is no social media campaign, no facebook page, no posts on the blog page. No local news articles. No letters to the editor. It was not on the agenda for the last CHNA meeting (although I did ask her about it at the very end.

    I tried to engage Councillor Hobbs about the project on twitter last night. She is avoiding any commitment.

    It's my view that it will only be through concerted pressure, through social media, letters, blog posts and news stories, and keeping it on the CHNA agenda that we will see progress here.

    I'd be willing to work with the parks committee to try to get this done.

    Mark Scrivens: