Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breezehill Road Closure

The following announcement was sent to us from councilor Hobbs office. Please be advised if you are in this area.

There will be intermittent road closure for Breezehill Avenue South (Ward 15) from Sherwood Drive to Hickory Street. The road will be closed periodically from Monday, 25 July 2011 to Friday, 29 July 2011. The road will be fully reopened in the evening during non-work hours. The road will only be closed when they have a truck making a delivery or concrete truck pouring, etc. The width of the road is too narrow to have a truck parked and then room to load and/or unload materials. The City has granted Domicile with a closure permit along with an encroachment permit so that they can close the road on an as needed bases throughout the day versus notifying the Inspector and city staff 2 or 3 times a day. All local access will be accommodated.

No vehicular detour is required. Local and emergency vehicle access will be maintained. The impact to local traffic will be low.

Amanda Farris


CHNA meeting minutes - March 2011

CHNA Executive Meeting
March 30 - 7:30 ­9:00
169 Hickory Street

Present: Marshall Perrin, Amanda Farris, Katherine Steinhoff, Alayne MacGregor
Regrets: Scott Bradley

1. April 20th membership meeting
DECISION: Organize agenda as follows:

-Report on CHNA activities & neighbourhood business

-Invite Katherine Hobbs to speak on her vision for neighbourhood

-Invite Neil Ritchie from Ritchie Feed & Seed to make presentation getting a lawn ready for spring

-Ask members to fill out questionnaire on their neighbourhood concerns and ideas

ACTION: Amanda to determine if projector available and bring membership list

ACTION: Marshall: to arrange for printing CHNA business cards

ACTION: Katherine to provide Committee sign-up sheets and draft comment sheets for forum. Katherine to contact possible volunteer(s) for sign-up table (Jen Sacks? Julie? Kate? Marshall volunteered)

ACTION: Katherine to write background info on the motion for spending the $30,000 that the City has secured in connection with the 125 Hickory Street development for traffic ameliorations.
ACTION: Kate Harrigan to finalize layout of flyer advertising the membership meeting

ACTION: Amanda to ask Kate to add a CHNA membership advertisement to the newsletter (replacing the story on the 2010 AGM)

ACTION: Katherine, Marshall, Alayne to staple posters around the neighbourhood on poles

ACTION: Amanda to prepare poster

DECISION: Have 2011 CHNA AGM on Wednesday, October 19. Amanda later discovered that the auditorium was not available on October 19. Date to be determined.

2. West LRT workbook

DECISION: To endorse workbook as filled out by CHNA reps Matthew Wells and jean-Marc Comeau

3. Meetings with Hobbs and correspondence

ACTION: Follow-up on specific concerns raised with Hobbs at the one year point and evaluate progress.

4. Discussion of heavy vehicle issue near developments at Carling O-Train Stop

AGREED: Continue working on this as CHNA: Solution should be to use Carling Avenue, not the local streets.

AGREED: CHNA write to Hobbs, John Doran of Domicile, Kari-Lynn Mohr at the city re the situation (parking, flatbeds, honking) and develop a solution.

5.Parkdale Avenue Corridor Plan

MOVED CHNA support Parkdale Avenue Corridor Plan Projects 1, 2, 3, and 4 but not 5, 6 and 7.

6. Capital Clean-up on Saturday, April 30 9-11 a.m. Rain date: May 1
ACTION: Amanda will coordinate cleanup of Reid Park, Fairmount Park and Ev Tremblay Park, and organize rakes, refreshments,etc.

7. Parks Committee survey and website

8. Request from Kristy Wallace at Metroland for statement on federal election issues of importance to CHNA

AGREED: CHNA to raise the need for a national public transportation strategy as an election issue. Katherine to follow-up with Kristy Wallace.

8. OC Transpo cuts

ACTION: Alayne to draft a letter opposing changes to routes 6, 3, 85 and to contact neighbouring community associations to also ask for support deadline for sending the letter: April 7

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Performances in the Park

Antony and Cleopatra will be performing in Clare Gardens Park-Westboro on July 19th. This is a comedic version of the Shakespeare classic. Check out their website at for details and the full schedule of performances being held around the city.

Performances begin at 7 pm sharp.
Please bring a blanket to sit on. Lawn chairs are welcome.
Bug spray is recommended.
Admission is "pass-the-hat-pay-what-you-can"