Friday, May 27, 2011

Next public meeting on infill housing not until September

The next public meeting on infill housing will be held on September 12th in Jean Pigott Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue.

On May 27th, City of Ottawa staff sent the following email about this meeting

Dear Stakeholder,

This email is to update you on the City’s study of small scale infill housing in mature neighbourhoods.

Since synthesizing the public feedback, various City Branches have been meeting to discuss all the implications of the issues and possible solutions. The internal discussions have not advanced to the point where we are able to state which initiatives will be pursued and what the related next steps will be. For this reason, we will not be ready to host a public meeting in June.

As we are not permitted to hold major public meetings in July and August, the next public meeting related to the study will be held in September. The date for this has been set as Monday, September 12th in Jean Pigott Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue (details to follow).

In addition to meeting internally, we will communicate with interested stakeholders and help to facilitate meetings related to the study. More specifically, a small working group of development industry stakeholders has been following the infill study. This working group expressed an interest in meeting with community association representatives and has asked the City to help put this together. The City has contacted all the community associations in the neighbourhoods that are part of the study and has arranged for a June meeting of the two groups. The City sees this initiative as an opportunity to open a dialogue between the development industry and the affected communities.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elmdale Lawn Bowling Open House

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Building Community Power Clean Energy Community Meeting

There is a new clean energy initiative that Ecology Ottawa - a local grassroots environmental organization - has launched in the west end. Through their Building Community Power project and other clean energy campaigns, they want to help make Ottawa a leader in the uptake and generation of renewable energy. Building Community Power is an ambitious new project focused on leveraging community awareness and investment in renewable energy. A primary objective of the project is giving individuals interested in renewable energy the information and guidance they need to collectively pool resources and maximize individual abilities to be part of Ottawa's clean energy transformation.

Have you wanted to be part or given thought to being part of the clean energy [r]evolution? Don’t know where to start?

Find out by attending one of Ecology Ottawa's Building Community Power Meetings in Westboro! This is your invitation to our first Building Community Power Clean Energy Community Meeting taking place on Tuesday, May 17th from 7-9 PM at the All Saints Anglican Church/First United Church (347 Richmond Rd.). At this meeting you will learn about opportunities to generate solar power, learn about which roofs in your area have solar potential and learn about financing options that are available. By working with others in your community, you can turn your community into a renewable energy powerhouse! Ecology Ottawa’s team will help you get there.

Please email Kevin for more information-

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Infill update

The City of Ottawa held a series of public meetings on small scale infill housing in February and March. It has compiled a record of public input from these meetings and posted it at The City had hoped to have additional public meetings in April but it is now aiming for June.